Who I am



Cynthia "Sin" D Rizo

Unique designs influenced by Mexican-American subculture, Morgana Sin emerged from the chaos that surrounded the founder, Cynthia Rizo. It is the individuality of the two cultures that influenced Cynthia to create Morgana Sin – imagery that stands out from the crowd.

With all the odds stacked against her, Cynthia used her upbringing to inspire her work. As a teenager, the alternative scene seemed like home and she would go to second-hand stores to inspire her own unique designs. This is when her passion for creating her own print designs was born. It was a fusion of her love for the gothic, punk and metal lifestyle and her Hispanic background which came together to become Morgana Sin.

After obtaining her B.S. in international business, she emigrated to Berlin, Germany in 2004. 

Cynthia overcame difficult times such as domestic violence and homelessness, using her experiences to drive her forward to create the brand. Born on 13th April 2015, Morgana Sin saw her wildest dreams and designs come to life. Just two years later, she hosted their very first showroom in Paris.

The message behind this inspiring story? No matter what, in times of difficulty, use it to drive you forward!