Going off the Rails

Going off the rails is about a kiss my ass, free spirited person that refuses to follow the norm. The trail blazers of society. The women that are not afraid to shake up the status quo or break them.

I used to know someone with this spirit. Her name was Sherry. A witty and sarcastically funny South Korean gal that influenced this graphic design, Going off the rails. An awesome writer the world will never know. She will be eternally 26 years old. She loved feminist singers. Every song touching her soul. She was all about women power. An alternative feminist with her own style. A soul that was going too fast through life without ever knowing which direction to take. Had she looked closer she would have seen how much she was loved.

Throughout our time on this earth we encounter certain people that make an imprint in our lives. Kindred spirits that teach us lessons throughout our existence. Their imprint strongly reverberating long after they're gone. I don't judge my friend for what she did to herself. In the end we are all just actors playing a role. Except some break their contracts too early and quit. Due to the darkness that traps them inside the walls of their minds. I couldn't help or fight along side her with her internal battle. A fight she lost by making the ultimate sacrifice, herself. The what if's that cross my mind every time I think of her haunts me. A regret that's harboring inside like a ghost that you know is there, but can't see. Over 16 years later I still get emotional thinking of her. Wishing I could have helped her, but knowing that I couldn’t. I hope I captured the essence of her through this design. That’s how I want to always remember her. She's probably throwing her head back, letting out her high pitch laughter somewhere in another dimension with a cigarette dangling from her right hand.

If you or someone you know is depressed, please try to get help. There are lots of organizations that can help. 

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